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It’s about an Emerald Isle teenage boy, Drew Hughes, whose life was cut way too short, but instead of just grieving this terrible loss, our community chooses to remember and honor his life by living our own lives the way he always did. When you “Do it for Drew,” you live your life to the fullest; you laugh, have fun, and maybe act a little mischievous, too. You go all out, full throttle, on the things you are passionate about! You are kind to everyone. You are there for your friends and family and above all you stand up for what is right.

Our family is passionate about bringing awareness for improved patient care, especially in emergencies. Drew was intubated, as a precaution, for transport to a larger hospital. During the transport Drew’s tube was placed in his esophagus instead of his trachea depriving him of oxygen for 30 minutes which caused his death. Properly trained and experienced transport personnel would have recognized the improper intubation and corrected the problem.

Join us in our foundation’s mission to bring awareness and education regarding emergency care, create sports and education opportunities for Drew’s peers, and above all honor our son’s legacy with our own lives — to Do it like Drew.

The Do it For Drew Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization and your wonderful donations are tax-deductible!

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